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A New Way To Disinfect

Ecovasive puts the power of total disinfection to work for your home, school, or business. Our Infection and Pathogen control program combines cutting-edge electrostatic spray technology with our BOTANICAL, EPA approved, non toxic, bleach, chlorine and phosphate free disinfectants. The Ecovasive solution allows you to eliminate harmful pathogens and germs while creating a healthy environment. Our program is completely safe and is the most effective and efficient antimicrobial protocol on the market today.

Ecovasive improves the overall health of homes and facilities by controlling and killing pathogens such FLU, Norovirus, Strep, Staph, MRSA, Corona Virus, E Coli, and even TB. We also have an Allergen indication that will kill 99.9% of bacteria upon contact.  Contact us today for your Free Treatment.

Welcome to Ecovasive

We’ve completed over 4000 microbial & infection control projects in less than three years, and we’re just getting started. Our pathogen and virus control programs are driven by cutting-edge electrostatic equipment that delivers a natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, botanical disinfectant. The Ecovasive solution is the most effective, efficient, and safe antimicrobial protocol on the market today.

3 Minute Kill Rate

Our EPA registered Medical Grade disinfectants kill bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes or less. These harmful pathogens include the Flu virus, Coronavirus, MRSA, Strep, Staph, and E Coli. 

More Efficient

One Ecovasive team member can disinfect a facility 70% faster vs traditional wiping and mopping techniques. Getting on a disinfection program frees you and your staff to focus on your higher-level tasks and projects.

More Effective

The use of electrostatic equipment results in nearly full coverage of areas being treated. Traditional sanitizers cover 50-60% of a contaminated surface, leaving the harmful pathogens to survive in the hard to reach places.

More Affordable

Keeping your facilities and home safe from pathogens can be costly. Traditional sanitizers take more people and time to apply. They don’t last as long and require more frequent applications. Ecovasive keeps employees at work and students in the classroom helping your bottom line.

Emergency Response

Is your workplace or home contaminated with pathogens or a virus that won’t go away? Infectious diseases and bacteria can survive on a dry surface for up to 16 months. If you notice a regular cycle of employees or family members getting sick, you're a good candidate for our decontamination service. We eliminate any pathogens, germs, and bacteria in your space, and can provide regular maintenance service to ensure a long term healthy environment.

Effectively Kills 99.999%

Flu Virus

Hand Foot & Mouth






E. Coli

Effectively Kills 99.999%

Flu Virus

Hand Foot & Mouth






E. Coli

Disinfection Verification

We use the latest technology to verify the effectiveness of our applications. We pre-treatment and post-treatment microbial readings. In a matter of seconds, we’re able to verify the efficacy of our disinfection protocol.

How Ecovasive Technology Works

Why Ecovasive?

EPA Registered

NSF Certified

Non Toxic

Non Corrosive

Non Caustic

Chlorine Free

Prevents Outbreaks

100% Botanical

Medical Grade

Who We Serve

Healthcare & Vet

Hospitals, medical offices, outpatient facilities, and more.

Schools & Daycare

Public and private. Pre-K, K-12, & Universities.

Nursing Homes

Long Term and Short Term Care facilities.

Gyms & Spas

Private and public facilities.


Homes and Apartments


Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Entertainment Venues


Buses, Subways, Airliners

Automotive Industries

Auto Dealers and Private Sellers

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